What Do You Mean By Food System?

A food system is made up of all of the ways our food is produced, packaged, distributed, sold, eaten and disposed. When we talk about our "food system," we mean all of the people, animals, organizations and resources that work together to feed our bellies. 

what is a food policy council?

Food Policy Councils (FPCs) are organizations that look at the food system in their area and then make recommendations on how to improve that food system. A food system is a structure in which food production, processing, distribution, and consumption are combined to improve the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place.

FPCs may take many forms, but typically are made up of representatives from different sectors, from farmers to restaurant owners to schools and hospitals, who come together to talk about how to advance a healthier food system for everyone.  As advisory bodies, FPCs have been successful at educating public officials, shaping policy, and improving coordination between existing programs.  

There are numerous Food Policy Councils across the country. Click here to see a map of the location of these councils.

is the sustainable food policy council independent?

The Denver SFPC is a Denver Board and Commission, meaning that its members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. As such, the Denver SFPC does not take positions independent of the Mayor's Office.

who selects the members of the sfpc?

The members of the SFPC are appointed by Denver's Mayor and must go through the application process for Denver Boards and Commissions. While the SFPC does not directly elect its members, it does work with the City to identify areas of needs and the types of experience that are needed on the SFPC. Please click here for more information about becoming a member.

how can the public get involved?

All members of the public are encouraged to attend the SPFC's monthly meetings. Click here for more info. Members of the public are also encouraged to provide their input on policy recommendations, and may also request to serve on policy working groups.

Can the SFPC endorse my policy or organization?

The SFPC does not independently endorse policies or organizations; however it can advise Denver's Mayor to support a policy or organization. Please click here to download the Policy Endorsement form.